Hazardous Activities & Sports

VoyagerProtect policies already provide cover for over 100 sports and activities as standard, however, if you or other insureds are likely to take part in more hazardous sports and activities then you may need to include this optional extra. 

Section E. Hazardous Activities & Sports provides you with exactly that, cover for additional sports and activities not found on the leisure list. Please remember that cover is provided on an amateur basis for these activities.

Below is an outline of the cover available for each section available with this policy add on:

The Hazardous Activities & Sports add-on is available on the following policies...

What is Covered on VoyagerProtect's Hazardous Activities & Sports Option?

You will be covered for expenses necessarily incurred as a result of accident or bodily injury arising as a result of participation in the activities and sports listed below during an insured journey:


Bamboo Boat Rafting, Black Water Rafting, Bouldering, Bungee Jumping (more than 2 jumps per Insured Journey).


Canoeing (grades 4 and over), Canyoning, Cave Tubing, Caving, Cycle Touring & Event Training.

D - G

Dog Sleighing, European Football/Soccer (amateur competition/tour), Gliding.

H - K

Hang Gliding, Horse Trekking, Ice Climbing, Jet Boating/Shotover Jet, Kayaking (grades 4 and over).

M - O

Micro Lighting, Mountaineering (with ropes), Off-Road Mountain Biking.


Potholing/Caving (as part of a group), Parachuting, Paragliding, Parapenting, Parasailing (behind a boat), Parapenting (behind a motorised vehicle), Polo.


Rafting (grades 4 and over), River Kayaking, Rock Climbing (with ropes).

S - W

Scuba diving (maximum depth 30m) Sea Kayaking, Shark Cage Diving, Skateboarding (demonstration or competitive), Skydiving, Show-jumping, Spelunking, White Water Rafting (grade 4-5).


Special Conditions and Exclusions Applicable to Hazardous Activities and Sports

Whilst participating in any of the activities listed under the Hazardous Activities & Sports, the following will apply:

  1. No cover will be provided under Section A Personal Accident
  2. No cover will be provided under Section B12 Personal Liability
  3. The policy Excess under Medical and Emergency Travel Expenses will increase to £250 per insured person per claim
  4. Any involvement in these sports and/or activities is subject to the insured person's compliance with local laws and regulations and the use of recommended safety equipment (such as helmet, harness, knee and/or elbow pads).

Note: The details above is only a summary of the cover. The sections of “Hazardous Activities & Sports Option” are explained in more detail below You should always refer to the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

How do I get a VoyagerProtect quote with Hazardous Activities & Sports?

It's quick and easy to get a quote, simply fill in the form below and one of our dedicated VoyagerProtect team with be in touch with your quote. Once one of our team has gotten in touch with you, they will ask whether you would like to add any of our optional extras, simply say yes and they will add this to your quote, it's as easy as that!

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Please Note. Remember to request Hazardous Activities & Sports cover when taking out your VoyagerProtect policy.

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