About VoyagerProtect

Providing Great Group Business & Leisure Travel Insurance Cover at the Right Price!

VoyagerProtect is an Employer Paid, Group Business & Leisure Travel Insurance product designed to solve the problems an employer faces when trying to arrange Corporate Travel Insurance. Our policies can be extended to employees families as well if required and can cover both business and leisure trips during the period of insurance.

VoyagerProtect was launched in 2018 by Voyager Insurance Services to make it easier for small to medium size businesses to arrange and purchase a group travel policy. Many corporate travel insurance policies in the market require complex forms to be completed and some won't quote for small businesses who only have a handful of employees.

Voyager Insurance saw the struggle many SME's were having and launched VoyagerProtect Employer Paid Travel Insurance. Since 2018, we have provided cover for several SME's with our simple and straight forward approach to Group Travel Insurance. Our flexible policies provide one of the widest ranges of cover and benefits available on the market and we look forward to protecting many more SME's on their business and leisure trips in the future.

Voyager Insurance Services

Voyager Insurance Services was founded in 1996 with the express aim of arranging wholesale travel insurance and managing reliable travel insurance facilities for tour operators, travel agents and insurance brokers to offer to their clients.

Since then, Voyager Insurance has consolidated its position in the travel insurance market, earning an excellent reputation for high quality insurance products that are great value for money.

VoyagerProtect is arranged by Voyager Insurance Services Ltd (registered number: 305814) and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).