Launches innovative online solution for its VoyagerProtect Business Travel Insurance Product

Posted in Voyager Protect on 9 November 2020

As an Independent Travel Insurance Wholesale broker, we have been busy over the recent lock-down period working on our VoyagerProtect Business Travel Insurance product in order to make it quicker and easier for brokers to get quotes and for their clients to be on cover.

What is VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance?

VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance is a unique worldwide 90 day per trip (120 or 180 day maximum per trip durations are also available) Annual Multi Trip travel insurance product for a company to provide its employees for business and leisure trips from Voyager Insurance.

The basic travel cover may be extended by the Employer to include and employees’ family members and is available on a Worldwide basis, including travel to the USA, with multiple add-on Options available including Terrorism Disruption Protection, Winter Sports and Hazardous Sports.

With Voyager Protect there is no need for your commercial client to provide travel patterns, critical at this time of travel uncertainty, or complete medical screening in order to get a quote, massively reducing the complexity, allowing companies with employee groups from 2 – 500+ to provide their staff with an annual travel insurance policy that covers both business and leisure travel.

How did we improve VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance?

We had to think very hard about how we could improve the VoyagerProtect product, as we felt the benefits available and the simplicity of the information required to set up a policy are difficult to beat when compared to the competition.

We have decided the next evolution for this product is to give the power back to the authorised and regulated intermediaries who use our WEBroker platform by allowing them to get a quote simply by logging in and generating a quote for their customers directly; selling a VoyagerProtect Employer Paid Group Travel Insurance policy as they would with any of our other available products.

Carl Carter, Managing Director of Voyager Insurance explains: ‘While a large number of our brokers used the VoyagerProtect product to provide Employer Paid Group travel insurance policies for companies ranging from 2 – 500+ employees, we found the quote process, which was serviced entirely in-house, meant we were adding an additional step to the procedure that didn’t need to be there. Brokers Clients’ are no different to anyone else in the world: they expect a fast turnaround on quotes to meet their needs’.

Carter continues: ‘We have worked hard to develop the system for VoyagerProtect, to take advantage of the product’s features, such as not requiring travel patterns, so critical in the current uncertain world, making it simple enough to get your client a VoyagerProtect quote in just 6 clicks and under 1 minute! This gives the power back to the broker to look after their corporate clients.’

This freedom for brokers is further increased by the system making it easy to administer an existing policy, for example adding or removing members, with the system automatically calculating any additional or return premium that is due.

It is important to note that, according to government advice, business travel abroad is still permitted during the national lockdown restrictions and therefore there is likely to still be demand for corporate travel insurance as they come up for renewal over the following months. You can find more information about the lockdown travel restrictions here.

Don’t forget: VoyagerProtect requires no future travel patterns in order to get a quote, helping your clients plan ahead in these uncertain times.

Why would a company need VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance, wouldn’t Employers’ Liability Insurance Cover this?

As you will no doubt be aware, Businesses have a legal obligation to look after the welfare and safety of their staff and although VoyagerProtect is not a replacement for Employers’ Liability Insurance, it does provide a range of additional covers that Employer’s Liability Insurance does not that would prove to be useful while staff are on business overseas.

Employers’ Liability Insurance provides cover for illness or injury to staff as a result of the on or offsite work that they do, if they believe the illness or injury has been caused by work. However, this relies on the staff member successfully claiming compensation, which could be a long process.

In some cases, Employers’ Liability Insurance is enough when covering on or off-site illness or injury. Usually however, businesses will require some form of travel insurance for additional cover such as for cancellation or lost business equipment as well as emergency medical expenses and much more.

VoyagerProtect Employer Paid Group Business and Leisure includes the following fantastic benefits:

  • Annual Multi-Trip Worldwide* Cover for business and leisure travel
  • No application forms – it’s quick and easy to get a quote, apply and administer online
  • No need to submit travel patterns – Crucial for many firms at a time when future travel is uncertain
  • Available for employer paid groups from 2 to 500+ Employees (Large groups can be uploaded via spreadsheet to save time)
  • 3 Levels of cover to choose from – Essentials, Super and Enhanced, giving companies the level of benefits they need
  • Annual Multi-Trip Cover for an Unlimited Number of Trips in a policy period of
  • Up To 90 days (Essentials), 120 Days (Super) & 180 days (Enhanced) maximum duration per trip – Ideal for staff members on secondment
  • Cover for individuals and optionally available for their Families – Making truly a staff benefit
  • All insureds have access to the One Tap Emergency App for smartphones – Keeping your staff safe in the most difficult of times
  • Available for UK Companies (and EEA Companies Upon Referral) with cover and premiums available in GBP£, USD$ and Euro€

If you are already using the Voyager WEBroker platform you will automatically have access to this product when it goes live. Alternatively if you are not If you would like to get access to the Voyager Protect product to add to your commercial travel insurance panel, Voyager Insurance is currently accepting Agency Applications (subject to minimum requirements), you can download your Application form today from

* Worldwide cover includes the USA, but does not include cover for excluded territories, meaning: Afghanistan, Columbia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico (other than the Cancun holiday area of Mexico) Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Venezuela or Yemen or any other destination, country or region where the appropriate authorities (such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice or similar authority of the Insured Person’s Country of Domicile) at the time the trip was booked was against all travel to such destination, country or region.